Giuseppe Solmi

A152) Saadi Sirazi, Bustan ('The Orchard')

Manuscript on paper in Persian language, coming most probably from

the Kashmir area, to be dated at the end of the 18th or at the very

beginning of the following century.

The text is nothing but the worldwide known Bustan ('The orchard'),

masterpiece of the Classical Persian poetry composed by one of the

most important authors of the 13th century: 'Abu Mohammed

Muslih 'ibn Abd-Allah Saadi Sirazi (AD ca. 1210 - 1291), shortly Saadi

Sirazi, who namely came from the important Persian city of Shiraz

(dubbed Sahr-e Soara': 'The City of Poets').

Leaf dimensions: 233 x 125 mm.; text panel dimensions: 170 x 80

mm. ca.

The text was written in an elegant nastaliq calligraphy arranged on a

15-line double column, drawn with black ink and composed by 149

leaves. The text panel is framed by a three-coloured line in ochre,

red, and blue ink.

The decoration set comprises a gold and colours illuminated

headpiece (sarlawh), as well as eight miniatures that are

disseminated across the manuscript.

Leather binding from the same age as that of the manuscript, lavishly

embellished with gold and now partially oxidized as to its silver

decorations. The manuscript is still in good conditions, let alone some

traces of use and sporadic restored wormholes on the margins. (ALC