Giuseppe Solmi

A157) Hafez, Divan

Complete Persian manuscript on paper and composed of 264

numbered leaves, of Kashmiri provenance and signed by the scribe

Ziya'o'd-Din and dated at the year AH 1072 (equal to AD 1661/1662).

Leaf dimensions: mm. 193 x 116 ca.; text panel dimensions: mm. 130

x 65 ca.

The text is written in a refined black inked nasta'liq-style calligraphy

and arranged on a double 14-line column; both text panel and

intercolumnia are framed by thin golden, black and blue lines

arranged in a triplet of close-fitting parallel thread-like disposition.

The decoration set consists mostly in an illuminated golden and

coloured frontispiece (sarlawh); blind-stamped and golden

decorations embellish the leather binding. There are visibly traces of

use; two leaves have been re-written in a later moment; moreover,

several leaves have been restored; otherwise, this manuscript lies in

good conditions.

Hageh Samso'd-Din MoHammed Hafez-e Sirazi (AD 1315 - 90 ca.),

more commonly known by his honorific title of Hafez (to be referred

to anyone who is able to recite the whole Koran by heart), was one of

the most prominent authors in the vast tradition of the Persian

poetry. His huge collection of poems deals with such themes as the

mystical love to God or the seemingly blasphemous pleasure of

drinking wine, nonetheless his works are sparkled with often

humorous and satirical hints intended to denounce both prudes and

hypocrites. (ALC 2848)