Giuseppe Solmi

A203) Hafez, Divan

Persian manuscript on paper, possibly from Kashmir, signed by the

scribe Yusuf Ziya'od-Din al-Ahsahwi [?], dated at the Islamic year AH

1247 (= AD 1831/32).

This codex contains the Divan ('Collected Poems') of the classical

Persian poet Hafez (AD 1315 - 90 ca.)

Average leaf dimensions: mm. 213 x 135 ca.; text panel

measurements: mm. 140 x 80 ca.

Text drawn in a handsome black-inked nastaliq calligraphy on a 15-

line double column. Composed by 138 leaves, complete.

Both the text panel and the intercolumnia are framed by black fillets.

The decoration set is comprised of an illuminated double-page

frontspiece (pers.: onvan), in gold and colors.

Set aside some wormholes and waterstains, this item has been

preserved in very decent conditions.

Samso'd-Din Mohammed Sirazi, dubbed both 'Hafez' (litt.: a man who

knows the whole Koran by heart).

The Shiraz's Nightingale', was one of the most important Persian

poets of all time. In his renowned Divan, themes ranging from

mystical love to the worldly pleasures of beauty and wine are treated

with a satirical vein lashing out at hypocrites and moralists. (CAS 569)